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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Michele Bachmann Says Tax Breaks Should Replace Employer Health Plans

WATERLOO, Iowa - Back in her hometown Monday, Republican presidential contender Michele Bachmann waxed nostalgic for an era when people were responsible for purchasing their own insurance, rather than being tethered to an employer for coverage.

"When I grew up here in Iowa, we owned our own health insurance. We didn't necessarily have it from our employer," she said.

Asked in a round-table with workers at OMJC Signal, a family-owned public-safety equipment manufacturer, how small businesses can afford health care for their employees, the Minnesota congresswoman said they shouldn't have to buy it.



Anonymous said...

It's funny how your opinion can change based on your income level. Health care or a place to live and food to eat - now there is a question. I pay for healthcare and still have medical bills due to an affordable high deductible plan. It is so easy for the have's to make a blanket decision on what everyone should be able to afford.

Anonymous said...

health care is a non issue as long as we eat crap are fat stupid and lethargic
I don't want to pay for fat lazy unhealthy people either that eat out and don't cook
let natural selection takes its course
and that goes for smokers and alcoholics or anyone so ill educated to be suffering from and industrial related disease they were too stupid to hit up their employer to pay for
and their depression and fat aches and pains they get SSI disability for
Americas gotten too soft
and these people vote Republican because they like to think they are better than blacks and hispanics
and they are on the same hand outs
being white and god fearing and milking the system does not entitle them to anything
I don't care if your people were in the dingy tied too the Mayflower

Anonymous said...

I worked as a nurse for 40+ years without employer provided health insurance...EGAD, and I lived!