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Sunday, August 28, 2011


"Home delivery of the Sunday Daily Times will be delayed because of overnight weather and road conditions."

"The newspaper apologizes for these service delays caused by the storm."

How about, the Mayor and County Executive, heck, even the Governor all told the Daily Times to STAY OFF THEIR ROADS! ALL LIBERALS! That includes the Daily Times and their liberal agenda. Oh, but its the storms fault. DUH!


Anonymous said...

When we canceled the DT had enough credit decided to keep Sundays. They've missed over half of them so far. Nothing to read when we do get it.

Anonymous said...

Nah, not the curfew. DT was going to be late again anyway, so curfew, road conditions and all that made real convenient excuses.

You don't say... said...

I cancelled the Daily Times when I saw how they supported Obama.
Just a matter of time before the daily times will be out of buisness; like everyone else who supported Obama.

Anonymous said...

no paper delivery here you can see it's now monday. early monday, but monday nonetheless.....