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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Cat Found On Hammond School Road

Joe - would you please post this on the site for Weeping Willow Kennels?  They temporarily have no internet and want this animal to find its family.
Weeping Willow Kennels rescued this cat on Friday, August 26 on Mt. Hammond School Road.  It was next to their dumpster...skinny, scared and very hungry.  It has been fed and kept safe in their cattery.  I believe it's a bluepoint ragdoll.  This is quite obviously someone's pet as it is not full of mats in the coat.  If this is your cat, please call Weeping Willow Kennels at 410-548-1515.  Bring proof of ownership (vet record, pictures, etc.) please (due to the breed).
Ola Meadowcroft
Weeping Willow Kennels


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful cat. It is so lucky to have found you Ola! Hope the owners show up. I bet they are devastated.

Anonymous said...

OH she is beautiful....I will take her if you don't find a home....

Gerald said...

I hope the owner had the cat Micro-chipped, I got both of my Siameses done to identify them as mine, in case they get out or lost.

Anonymous said...

I will take her also if you cant find the owner!!!

Anonymous said...

Someone's pet? Not very well taken care of if it was "skinny, scared and very hungry"!