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Friday, July 31, 2020

The NFL Just Declared War On Church

A deal reached by the National Football Leauge and the NFL Players Association bans players from attending any indoor church services that are above 25 percent capacity, multiple sources told NBC Sports on Saturday.

Alongside its restrictions on attending worship services, the collective bargaining agreement (CBA) also prohibits players from attending indoor nightclubs and bars (except for take-out), indoor concerts, professional sports games, and indoor parties that include 15 or more people.

The deal has not been publicly released, but NBC Sports made no mention of any restrictions on attending protests. Meanwhile, the NFL’s Twitter account has been sharing and celebrating pictures of players engaging in protests around the country.



Anonymous said...

Communists. atheists' and bigots the non-thinking management of the nfl. Sooooooo dumb. Sport without fans.

Anonymous said...

These dumbocrat communistic slime balls are in every aspect of this country.
Goodell and the NFL should lose their special exemption as a monopoly and be challenged.

The taxpayers are stuck with the bill to build these stadiums so a very few can get unbelievably rich. This needs to be stopped!

Anonymous said...

Hardly anyone I know watches NFL anymore...let them kill football on their own... they've done a good job so far..

Anonymous said...

NFL now following Lucifer. God always wins and you loose.

Anonymous said...

It takes a real quality type of moron to equate the NFL setting rules for social distancing, that are quite congruent with the nature of state guidelines across the country, and that cover multiple aspects of public gatherings, into "war on church". Too daggone funny. You guys are talented.

Anonymous said...

32 Teams of Freemasonry

Pure Evil