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Friday, July 31, 2020

'Cheat-Sheet' Biden's 5 Simple Kamala Harris Talking Points Revealed

Joe Biden was seen earlier this week clutching a cheat-sheet full of praise for California’s junior Democratic senator (and veep hopeful), Kamala Harris.

Taking questions from the press on Tuesday, an Associated Press photographer captured Harris’ name “scrawled across the top” of Biden’s note, according to the AP report, along with these five talking points:

• Do not hold grudges

• Campaigned with me & Jill

• Talented

• Great help to campaign

• Great respect for her

A couple of things worth noting about those talking points before we get to the broader veepstakes issue.

Four out of the five of these need reminding? Everything but the first item — which we’ll get to momentarily — is pure boilerplate. Those talking points aren’t anything more than the slick praise that slides out of a politician’s mouth as easily as lies do.

Furthermore, as the AP story noted, they’re things the former veep has already said about his potential veep on more than one occasion.

That said, as a belt-and-suspenders guy myself, maybe I shouldn’t give much thought to even seasoned politicians who bring cheat-sheets to the lectern with them.



Anonymous said...

Read chapter 2 of Profiles in Corruption, Kamala Harris. She's as dirty as they come.

Anonymous said...

But, she's NOT black.

Anonymous said...

Kamala barely moved the delegate meter when she was a POTUS candidate. If selected she will drag the ticket down as her passed comes back to haunt her while Biden drools. Guarantee, she will flaunt the "R" word standing next to one of the most outspoken "Rs" in America.

Anonymous said...

That wasn't Biden's handwriting. That was his reminder sheet from his handlers so he won't forget what he's trying to think about.

Anonymous said...

Was the second page of his crib sheet. Photographer on other side of the room caught reminder on first page.

"Breathe in. Breathe out. Repeat."