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Friday, July 31, 2020

Trump Warns: We'll Send the National Guard to Take Out The 'Beehive of Terrorists' in Portland

Speaking at the White House Thursday evening, President Trump warned Oregon Governor Kate Brown and Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler that if they don't clear out the "beehive of terrorists" in the city, he will.

"They put a ring around the courthouse and saved it. The group [additional federal agents] that is there is basically meant to save buildings, very strong, very powerful, but they didn't come out too often of this cocoon that they built in order to save this very expensive, valuable and psychologically important building," Trump said. "The Governor and the Mayor, we've been dealing with them and we think they don't know what they're doing because this should have not been going on for 60 days."

"Our people are staying there to see if they can do it today and tomorrow and if they don't do it, we'll send in the National Guard and we'll take care of it. We're telling you right now these protestors, and many should be arrested because these are professional agitators. These are professional anarchists. These are people who hate our country. We're telling them right now, we're coming in very soon, the National Guard, a lot of people, a lot of very tough people and these aren't people who are there to just guard the courthouse and save it. These are people who are allowed to go forward and do what they have to do," Trump said. "They're working today and probably tomorrow to clean out this beehive of terrorists. If they do it I'm going to be very happy and then slowly we can start to leave the city. If they don't do it, we'll send in the National Guard."

Trump's warning comes one day after the Department of Homeland Securityannounced a cooperative deal with local law enforcement to protect the federal courthouse, which has been under siege for months.



Anonymous said...

I want to see a body count of ANTIFA scum

Anonymous said...

Northwest Woodsman: I was thinking the same 8:49. As a matter of fact it was yesterday while I was zeroing the scope and red dot optical on my AR. No real connection there, just coincidence.

Anonymous said...


Right in the open.
We have a 33rd Degree Freemason mentioning a beehive!

People might want to do a search for that secret symbol