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Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Trump Administration to Announce Tougher Enforcement Against Immigrants Signing up for Welfare

United States Citizenship and Immigration Services Acting Director Ken Cuccinelli outlined the details of the new rule from the White House briefing room Monday morning, citing his own immigrant family from Italy.

The new rule does not affect asylum seekers, refugees, pregnant women, mortgage loans or students loans. Food stamps, cash assistance and other welfare will count as a negative on applications to become legal permanent residents. Likelihood of welfare use, current use or past use will only serve as one negative factor as applications are considered. A totality of other factors, like age and employment, will also be considered before a green card is issued.

The rule will go into affect on October 15, 2019 and applications for green cards will not consider the new requirements while evaluating eligibility until that date. Applications submitted before October 15 will not be subject to the additional scrutiny.



Anonymous said...

If they NOT Legal >> they get ZERO !!! NADDA

Anonymous said...

Now let's go after disability fraudsters. Fat and stupid is just the luck of the draw not a disability. Why should we pay for people that have poor living habits and have made nothing of themselves to the point they are unemployable ?

Anonymous said...

Your tellin' me. I know one that had a drunk driving accident at 19, now 53. Been on disability all that time. Food stamps, the whole works. Drinks all day and night. Gets methadone in the morning. Our dime of course. Lives with mommy. She just bought him another car. Has a heroin addict living in the house too. Also on methadone. It is amazing to watch. No pride, no shame, and bitches about how hard he has it.

Anonymous said...

It's about damn time! Obama couldn't give money away to them and the lazy layabouts fast enough. They should do the same thing with the ones in this country who refuse to work. Drug test them for starters. There is no reason they can't find a job if they want one..........key word........WANT.

Anonymous said...

This act is the LEGAL immigration process.