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Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Appeal Denied In Worcester High Speed Chase Case

BERLIN — A Salisbury man, convicted last year on multiple counts of assault after leading police on a high-speed chase in the wrong direction on Route 113, had his appeal denied this week.

Last August, a Worcester County jury found Garland Moss, 51, guilty of multiple counts of second-degree assault after he fled from police northbound on Route 113 in the southbound lanes for over five miles at speeds topping 100 mph, causing numerous motorists to veer off the highway in order to avoid a head-on collision. Moss was sentenced to over 17 years combined for the various counts, but quickly filed an appeal.

Moss’ appeal asserted the state failed at trial to prove the fairly rare second-degree assault of the intent to frighten type. Because Moss sped up Route 113 toward Berlin in the wrong direction at speeds over 100 mph, the state asserted at trial Moss had committed second-degree assault with intent to frighten the numerous motorists forced to swerve off the roadway in fear of injury or death.



Anonymous said...

should’ve let him burn to death in his car.
what an idiot... all for a tv

Anonymous said...

"Pocomoke Police dropped their chase efforts when Moss traveled out of the municipality’s jurisdiction"

What a stupid policy. Shame on those cowards from the Pocomoke Police Department. Shame on the elected officials in Pocomoke for allowing this policy.

Anonymous said...

Let the law suit begin.