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Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Donald Trump Wins Guatemala Vote on Asylum Deal

President Donald Trump scored a win in Guatemala on Sunday when the nation’s voters rejected a candidate who wants to completely scrap a July 26 asylum agreement with the United States.

The pending deal would allow U.S. border officials to reject asylum claims from migrants who first cross through Guatemala, including migrants from Honduras, El Salvador, India, Africa, and Asia.

The agreement effectively creates a legal wall against migrants that is difficult for U.S. progressive judges to knock down because it is based on a clear U.S. law.

The August 11 election was also a defeat for progressive groups in the United States and Guatemala, which occupies the land bridge between Mexico and southern America. The progressive groups supported a left-wing candidate, Sandra Torres, who promised to reject the deal.

On August 8, for example, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi visited Guatemala, where she met with many of her left-wing pro-migration allies, some of whom are funded directly or indirectly by George Soros’s pro-migration donor groups.



Anonymous said...

Once again, thank you, Mr. President!

Anonymous said...

The PRESIDENT can't do it ALL!! These FREAKING asinine Republican party better get their WALL St lobbyists ASS in gear. Just think if these ASSHOLE Republicans back PRESIDENT TRUMP 25% of the time. They wouldn't be getting harassed in public. The LIBUTARDS would be too afraid because they would be out numbered and out classed. But as ALWAYS. Mitch and his BITCHES are LOBBYISTS whores!!!