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Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Feds Investigating Violation Of Girls’ Civil Rights In CT After Trans Athletes Smoke Competition

The U.S. Department of Education Office has agreed to investigate a violation of girls' civil rights in Connecticut following a complaint filed in Boston concerning two biologically male transgender teens triumphing over biologically female competitors in high school track.

"The U.S. Department of Education Office for Civil Rights Wednesday granted the request of three teen track athletes to investigate their allegations of illegal discrimination," The Alliance Defending Freedom announced in a press release sent to The Daily Wire.

"Ever since the Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference [CIAC] adopted a policy that allows biological males who claim a female identity to compete in girls' athletic events, boys have consistently deprived Selina Soule and two other female athletes of honors and opportunities to compete at elite levels," the release noted.



Anonymous said...

Shame on Fox news for adopting that liberal homo garbage terminology. Don't show these freaks support by saying their following their hearts or say the cis-gender girls. There is no such thing as cis-gender there are boys and there are girls, that's it. These pansy's would probably get dusted on the boys team. You give these $@&&*+s an inch they will want a mile.
It's time we take a page from the other sides playbook and start boycotting EVERYONE who is pushing this. No gillet, no Nike and nothing made in the state of Connecticut. We have much more expendable income than the Antifa crowd and if we stuck to it we would put a real hurtin' on them.

Anonymous said...

Banana nut bread and date nut bread are NOT the same.. even though they are both fruitcakes

Anonymous said...

must be racist. or sexist. or trumps fault. or some other disillusioned democratic liberal reason for the ‘white man’ being soooo unfair and mean. boo hoo 😢

Anonymous said...

All you libs asked for this, so live with it. It is only get worse.

Anonymous said...

Funny, how biology tells you everything you need to know about this mental illness you people are helping create...