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Thursday, March 14, 2019

Resident backlash hits Berlin Falls park

In approving $124,000 to demolish seven small buildings and a digester at Berlin Falls park on Monday night, the Town Council gave an angry mob a focal point in its objections to town spending.

The 5-0 vote came after months of research by town staff on whether the buildings could be repurposed. The vote also was preceded by several months of debate by the Berlin Falls Park Advisory Committee on potential alternate uses.

When none were deemed worthwhile, the committee recommended demolition and the Town Council awarded a contract to Coastal Site Works LLC.

Funding for the project comes from a $3 million bond to buy the property, with $2.5 million earmarked for the property itself based on the appraised value, and $500,000 set aside for park development.



Anonymous said...

Just wait until they find out what's in the soil under those buildings.

Anonymous said...

Give us a hint 11:12
Is it dinosaur bones ?

Anonymous said...

Buried treasure from Captain Jack Sparrow