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Thursday, March 14, 2019

Democrat Senator: ‘No Discernible Penalty’ for Assaultive Students in NYC Schools

New York state Sen. Leroy Comrie lambasted New York City’s school discipline policy that has allowed assaultive students to go without punishment for their acts to help them avert the “school-to-prison pipeline.”

In an op-ed at the New York Post, the Democrat state senator related “alarming” incidents that were reported to him by both teachers and parents, and described the city’s public schools as places mired in chaos:

I heard from two different teachers who were assaulted by students who were never removed from the building. In both instances, medical attention was required for the assaulted educators.
The parents mentioned bullying as a major concern and the impact of having “suspended” students return to the school or classroom of the victim.

In addition, parents who have attended meetings and hearings for a child who has been bullied are often told nothing can be done to remove the perpetrator from the classroom or separate that same student from the victim.
The Obama administration’s policy urging leniency for minority students in schools in order to help them avoid incarceration has led to increased chaos and fear, wrote law professor Gail Heriot, a member of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, in an op-ed at USA Today in March 2018.



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The State of Our Schools...

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Ass whipping worked in past and it will work now

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They will walk out on nonsense climate change but attacking teachers is fine.

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Sounds like the kids are training for prison.