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Thursday, March 14, 2019

BOOM! President Trump Warns Obama Deep State – a “Broken and Corrupt Machine” – Justice Will Be Served, More to Come!

For over two years the Deep State FBI-DOJ and their liberal media has been investigating and harassing the Trump administration over a made-up Russia conspiracy.

They have found nothing. Yet they continue to abuse their power.

On Wednesday President Trump warned the “corrupt and broken” Obama Deep State that things are about to change.



Anonymous said...

Can't wait. Maybe we can declare a new holiday .... "Day of Justice"

Anonymous said...

It's one man versus the entire system. Even some of the staunchest conservatives are afraid of the power they are either trying to fight or trying to keep.

Anonymous said...

Barr won't do crap. He's going to right the ship and quiet things down. Hope the American people have SHORT memories.

Anonymous said...

You are right 8:25, it is not just the libs that are in this battle against the President. It seems that government has created a culture of the swamp and everyone is protecting their own interests. They are using OUR money to do it.
They fear Trump because he is calling them all out for what they are.

Anonymous said...

Thank GOD we have a President who isn't afraid to call them like he sees them. The swamp rats and MSM are doing everything they can to destroy him. History will prove he is right.

Anonymous said...

Hurry up and prosecute in case the dems get back in. I'm not swaying my support-its just that the dems may do some creative intense cheating.