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Sunday, March 18, 2018

GOP resuscitating Obamacare with massive bailout

Congressional Republicans who repeatedly pledged to repeal and replace Obamacare instead are racing today to rescue the law with truckloads of federal cash.

Their plan: a multi-billion-dollar bailout of health insurers that sell Obamacare policies. In return, the insurers promise to reduce premiums just in time for November’s elections.



Anonymous said...

It is not a bailout because they are making huge profits now that everyone was forced to buy their lousy products. Customer costs for insurance is huge compared to 10 years ago.

This is simply corporate theft of public money. The crazy part is the public has no money. The US Government is bankrupt and everyone with 2 brain cells knows it.

Anonymous said...

Leaves zero doubt they are corrupt the same on both sides. The highest laws of the land declare a tyrannical government should be destroyed, its our responsibility.

Anonymous said...

Act stupid and your days are numbered.

Anonymous said...

So you're saying that we're giving our taxes (our money) to insurers so that we save on health premiums before elections so the GOP can try to win more elections?

Anonymous said...

Tillerson was fired for badmouthing Russia

Anonymous said...

Once again they use OUR tax dollars to bail out their mistakes. GOP destroyed and bankrupted obamacare themselves and now they're using our taxes as usual to fix their mistakes

Anonymous said...

He'd rather have Pompeo the loyalist by his side when he declares war on N Korea

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

NO not backstabbers. Obamacare will be history before the money is distributed. Several states have filed lawsuits since the mandate was removed. When the mandate was removed it nullified the Supreme Court ruling.

Anonymous said...

Much worse than you realize.

“Our Tax Dollars” go directly to the international banking families who printed the money to buy the Bonds.


The rest of government spending is done by issuing more Bonds. Which are bought by the international banking families who print . . .

Anonymous said...

To Hell with these Damn insurers & Obama Careless Care !!!

We don't need them & they are Done/Toast !!!!

They Raped the White population in America while they got
Ritch , while Whites were Forced to Pay for the Black's
insurance......Plain & Simple FACT !!!! Sick of it

NO More Mandates on Americans anymore Ever !!!!

Anonymous said...

BAIL OUT the White population who was forced to pay for
Black's insurance , and give us a Tax credit for all the
$$$ stolen from us all during Obama's Racist Care !!!

We should be able to have more than One insurance at work
like it used to be & work all the Hours we want as it Used
to be before Obama Racist Care too !!!!

Obama RUINED America more than Any other President , Period

Anonymous said...

Trump Care Plan = Make the Blacks pay for the White's
insurance this time , and Level the playing field !!!!

Work all the hours you want
No Fines
No Mandates
Choose your insurance / Not Govt choose for you
Have all the plans you want / more than one
Make insurance companys cut rates in Half or more


Anonymous said...

Yea , see how Blacks like paying for the White's insurance,
and if they want to keep such a Plan !!!

Then they won't Wine over scraping Obama's Care !!!!

Anonymous said...

Whites Will Riot all over USA before they tolerate Any more
damn Obama Care ........Hint Hint !!!