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Monday, October 15, 2018

35 Times Men Were Falsely Accused Of Sexual Assault

In recent weeks, left-wing activists have been pushing a “Believe All Women” narrative. This narrative not only ignores due process, but also reality. Sexual assaults do happen, but so do false accusations. Pointing out false accusations does not take away from supporting sexual assault survivors, because false accusations devalue actual incidents of sexual assaults.

All women should be heard, but not all women should be believed. Some women are more credible than others, and that is a fact. Below are 35 examples of men who were falsely accused. These are cases where either the accuser was charged with a crime or the facts of the case overwhelmingly point to it being false and the accuser has not been named. This list doesn’t even come close to the total number of false accusations that have been made.

Women still should be encouraged to report their assaults and seek justice.

1. Jackie Coakley - Coakley infamously told Rolling Stone that she had been gang-raped by fraternity members at the University of Virginia. In reality, no such gang-rape occurred, and Coakley invented a rapist and used a fake text messaging service to convince her friends he existed in order to make one of them jealous. The accusation was a black mark for the magazine and led to three settlements with those defamed by Coakley’s accusation.



Anonymous said...

It's idiotic to believe all accusers but what is to be expected from any democrat. All democrats are idiots and all are liars. There isn't a good one walking the face of the earth. All democrats are filth nothing but nasty putrid lying filth. The only time they didn't lie was when the crude vulgar democrat skanks parading around with vulva hats on their rank heads called themselves nasty. Nasty wastes of space on the earth they are.

Anonymous said...

Wait! The Liberals are saying this doesn't happen.

Anonymous said...

Want to know how many times men got away with sexual assault? Countless. One is even our President now.

Anonymous said...

The liars should be held / charged with defamation / slander and have to pay all court cost including the defendants legal fees. That would make the accuser have proof and think 2 or more times before attempting to destroy some ones life. Women are some of the worst liars because they play the weak woman act.

Anonymous said...

Geez, the hate is so strong against women in these comments. We clearly know who didn’t go to their proms and still watches Girls Gone Wild VHS tapes.

Anonymous said...

Brian Banks is another one, blue chip athlete, served 5 years before being released because “victim” finally told the truth.