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Monday, October 15, 2018

General Kelly reveals the truth about Elizabeth Warren: She's uncouth in private

Democratic presidential frontrunner hopeful Sen. Elizabeth Warren always prides herself on being the candidate of the little guy. In her old-fashioned granny suits with her old-fashioned glasses, she speaks in a soft, syrupy voice and calls herself a consumer advocate. Naturally, there's not a left-wing cause on Earth the Massachusetts Democrat won't support, and of course, as a professional fake Indian with affirmative action professorships under her belt, an incongruous house-flipping history, an Imelda-sized wardrobe, and a big bankbook, she knows how to play the games, academic or otherwise.

But she always portrays herself as nice. She doesn't have that hectoring, cackling, manic, revolting voice you hear from Hillary Clinton. Nope, Warren's always soft, soothing, and smooth.

But then we hear how she acts in private.

According to a report in BuzzFeed News, obtained through a Freedom of Information Act query, she's actually a nightmare to deal with.

President Trump's chief of staff, John Kelly, in his previous capacity as secretary of homeland security, has a thing or two to say about her in his email correspondence with colleagues:



Anonymous said...

She a democrat. All democrat females are vulgar and gross.

Anonymous said...

She's one of the Dems' major players and major problems.