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Saturday, September 29, 2018

Washington high school principal secretly recorded mocking a girl 'who was sexually assaulted'

A high school principal has been recorded ridiculing a student who reported a sexual assault.

Aqueelha James can be heard on tape mocking the child in front of colleagues at Roosevelt High School in Washington DC.

James was placed on paid leave Thursday.

The pupil had approached James in June 2017 to report that she'd been sexually assaulted in the school bathroom when a male student forced her into a stall, kissed her and put his hand up her dress. She said he left a hickey on her neck.

The child and her mother met with the headteacher in her office in July 2017, where James was initially sympathetic and supportive.

'I'm here to support and be of assistance. I don't like the idea that your daughter has been assaulted sexually. It is a crime,' James told the pair in audio obtained by The Washington Post.

But after the parent and her daughter left the room, James was recorded mocking the girl's clothes and saying she planned to 'embarrass her a**' by casting doubt on her credibility with police.



Anonymous said...

I'm glad to hear the young lady reported it immediately and her parents were involved not wanting 35 years. The principal should be fired immediately.

Anonymous said...

Ha who's embarrassed now? She should be fired and never allowed to be around children again.

Anonymous said...

Baltimore...DC...both are awful! Flush the administrations and start fresh!