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Saturday, September 29, 2018


Beginning on October 1, 2018, Maryland's Move Over law will be expanded to include service vehicles with flashing lights.

The Move Over law will include transportation, service and utility vehicles including waste and recycling trucks with yellow or amber flashing lights or signal devices. This addition to the law will join the other already protected emergency response and enforcement vehicles including tow trucks.

This new law requires drivers to move over to another lane if available when approaching vehicles with red, yellow or amber flashing lights that are stopped or parked along the highway. If the driver is unable to make a lane change, then it is required to slow to a prudent speed that is safe.

The county is hopeful that this change in the law will help protect all public and private crews working along the roads.

The Maryland law takes effect October 1, 2018. A violation of the Move Over law is a misdemeanor with a fine of $110 and a point against the driver's license.


Anonymous said...

This is a law that makes sense. I wish they would include a penalty for impeding traffic by driving slow in the passing lane.

Anonymous said...

We should make the law that we have to lay turn on the emergency flashers, roll down all the windows and lay on the horn when passing an emergency vehicle as well. It's for our safety.

Anonymous said...

Stupid law. Now we have to move over for garbage trucks?

Anonymous said...

Next thing that will done will be equipping said vehicles with alternating flashing red lights and STOP signs and make violations equal to passing a stopped school bus boarding or discharging children.