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Saturday, September 29, 2018

If they can't prove the charges, senators must confirm Kavanaugh

Thursday’s hearing on the sexual assault charges against Brett Kavanaugh promises to be a circus. If the past few weeks are prologue, Democratic senators will demagogue in bad faith, Republican senators will embarrass themselves, and most of the press won’t even try to assess the veracity of what is said, opting instead for score-keeping and judging the “optics.”

We know how Judiciary Committee Democrats will vote. They are all completely faithful to the abortion lobby and have never considered voting for Kavanaugh.

Some Republicans on and off the committee have tipped their hands, suggesting they’ll be voting for Kavanaugh no matter what they hear. That’s a moral error. Christine Blasey Ford’s allegations against Kavanaugh are serious and at least deserve to be weighed.



Anonymous said...

If Ford can't prove anything, how can the Senators? All she "remembers" is a 5 minute romp but not an 8 mile trip home.

Anonymous said...

ANYONE who does not understand that the evil dumbocrats are just throwing crap at the wall is a dumbass!

Too bad idiots like Flake are falling for it.

Anonymous said...

How can you take Ford accurations seriously. She was 15 at a party of older people who were drinking. She was not raped. You must live in a vacuum. Her accusations and timing leave alot to believe. What a whimp. Didn't tell anyone because she wasn't supposed to be at that party at age 15. I feel men do not understand the female gender and how mulipulating women can be when they want something. Not all women but it does happen and I feel the male gender is too forgiving to the female gender. Oh I was touchedb- so stop Kavanaugh from being a Supreme Court judge. Not raped but touched by someone, some where, sometime, but don't remember - please. It is disgusting and I as a woman think this is disgraceful and I am sure there are women out there who can claim much worse. Get over it.