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Saturday, September 29, 2018

Backfire: Democrats #WalkAway In Droves Following Kavanaugh Circus

Dems say they’ll vote red in November after Supreme Court nominee show trial

The Brett Kavanaugh Senate Judiciary show trial chaos Thursday forced voters who align with the Democrat political spectrum to reconsider their allegiance to the party.


Anonymous said...

Same here no bs.

Anonymous said...

I already voted red in Florida. I come from a blue state and when Obama opened his mouth for the very first time I voted red. Too bad others didn't. We are still paying for his dumba_s mistakes. Yet he is financially enjoying himself.

lmclain said...

They finally looked up and saw.....the sky ain't green.

Democrats are hypocritical, lying, self-serving, destroyers of all that we know and love.
Their agenda has nothing to do with America.
As Graham as, "You want power? God help us if you ever get it."
This is NOT what the founders had in mind, believe THAT.

Keep cheering.