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Wednesday, September 05, 2018

The Socialism Scam

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s recent win of the Democratic Party’s nomination in New York’s 14th Congressional district has given America’s socialists a breath of fresh air.

The telegenic 28-year old ex-waitress, who lives in a one-bedroom Bronx apartment, defeated Joseph Crowley, a 20-year incumbent and one of the Party’s most powerful members.

Ocasio-Cortez’s win has given particular hope to American youth. Polls suggest that millennials, like generations of youth before them, broadly support a socialist agenda.

However, there are growing signs that increasing government involvement in the economy is bad forAmericans, particularly its youth.

Making government big again

Ocasio-Cortez’s unlikely win comes on the heels of growing momentum in the socialist movement.

Bernie Sanders almost won the Democratic Party’s presidential primary in 2016 by running on a socialist agenda. His platform (which Ocasio-Cortez supported) included government-financed universal medical care and tuition, as well as a $15 per hour minimum wage.

Indeed, even Republicans are moving to the left.



Anonymous said...

They are incompetent to hold any office,isnt their any guidelines?

Anonymous said...

Socialism is great! Nobody has to be productive, because all your needs are perks that come with the job you aren't productive at. If you don't even pretend to work, you still get the same benefits. What's not to like. Everyone is poor, and the government gives you everything you need. Just like being retired for most people that don't have government pensions. That is certainly something Dems and government workers should think about. Socialism is not going to give everybody what they have now, it is going to take away what they have now and make EVERONE have much less, working or not.

Anonymous said...

The Republican platform is supposedly one for less government and taxes. But even when the Republicans control the government, they can't resist promising constituents more and more government programs, in order solicit votes for their re-elections. Is all about trying to stay in office until they die. John McCain is the most recent example of how they are only concerned with self preservation after they are elected the first time. Congress is corrupt, both sides of the aisle. Trump characterizes they situation as the "swamp." Many don't like his use of that word to describe how our government in DC is embedded with corrupt individuals that harm our country. I, for one, tend to agree with Trump's description. It is a swamp, and they are resisting Trump every day. If Trump succeeds, their livelihoods are at stake.