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Wednesday, September 05, 2018

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel Will Not Seek Re-Election

Less than a month after black Chicagoans called Rahm Emanuel a "con man" as protesters expressed their outrage over the lack of economic development on the South and West Sides of the city, compared to the North Side, as gang violence continues to plague their neighborhoods.

"Rahm Emanuel is a con man. His whole job is to keep black folks divided," one man told Fox News' Gianno Caldwell, who covered the march, adding that Emanuel "doesn't care about anybody" except his own neighborhood and his own family, while another woman said Emanuel seems to care more about illegal immigrants in the city.

"African-Americans, we're citizens, and our ancestors built this country," she told Caldwell, whose younger brother survived a shooting last year that killed his best friend.



Anonymous said...

He needs to be in prison.

Anonymous said...

Each and every one of those dumbocrats ruining illinois should step down.

Anonymous said...

Never should have had the job in the first place.he was poison in the white house and cyinide in chicago. Just another ignorant moron democrat.

Anonymous said...

Than cares deeply and completely about Israel. He is a dual citizen of both Countries.

Anonymous said...

Going back to ballet which is where he started?

Anonymous said...

He's like the captain of the Titanic, but in this case, he gets a lifeboat.