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Wednesday, September 05, 2018

"Europeans Are Shocked And Frightened": Czech PM Blast Europe's Migrant Policy

In an apparent bid to join the Italian-Hungarian "anti-immigration axis", Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babis declared that Europe must fight for its culture and values amidst the migration crisis, and said the recent riots in Germany show how the uncontrolled influx of migrants leads to explosive situations.

“Chemnitz is just right around the corner!” Babis said on Sunday referring to the chaos that engulfed the eastern German city last week during pro and anti-migrant rallies held there. "I’ve been thoroughly explaining that this is a fight to preserve our European civilization and culture. We don’t want to live in Africa or the Middle East here. We must fight for our values."

"Have you seen the pictures of migrant ships heading for tourist beaches? Europeans are shocked and frightened. The same thing happened in Chemnitz. There was not only a murder committed, but also the murders of teenage girls and sexual assaults,” Babis raged.

Last week, the Germany city of Chemnitz became the scene of standoffs between anti-migrant protesters and anti-fascists after a local German man was killed in a brawl with migrants from Iraq and Syria.



Anonymous said...

Europeans are shocked and frightened. That's a laugh, they apparently aren't frightened enough to kick out stupid leaders like Angela Merkel. They are now paying the price and it will only get worse. Europeans are getting what they deserve for being so stupid. LOL

Anonymous said...

That's what you get for being a bunch of bleeding hearts. Letting people in that could care less about you. Only what they can get their hands on. I look at these refugees around here and they are doing better than some of us are doing. How can they come here with nothing but the clothes on their backs and suddenly they have everything they need or want. Clothes, food, suv, shopping, jewelry, free medical, pumping out babies like crazy. Which only means getting an increase in their welfare for each one. When is this crap going to stop?