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Wednesday, September 05, 2018

Gary Cohn and Rob Porter Conspired to Undermine Trump's Trade Policy, Woodward Book Says

President Donald Trump’s top economic advisor, Gary Cohn, swiped papers from his boss’s desk to keep the president from ordering an exit from the North American Free Trade Agreement and a trade deal with South Korea, according to a Washington Post report based on a new book by Bob Woodward.

Cohn, who Trump sometimes called “globalist Gary,” told an associate that he removed a letter the president was intending to sign withdrawing from a trade agreement with South Korea, according to the Washington Post’s report on Woodward’s new book.

Cohn was tapped by the president as head of the National Economic Council. Prior to that Cohn had been the second highest executive at the Wall Street investment bank Goldman Sachs. Cohn resigned this spring after the president announced new tariffs on steel and aluminum. He was replaced by Larry Kudlow.

That was not the only time Cohn and other White House aides undermined the president’s agenda.


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Anonymous said...

If he actually stole those papers from the Presidents desk he should be in prison.