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Saturday, September 29, 2018

A Viewer Writes: Last nights meeting at Wic Civic Ctr ref OPOID CRISIS

I SAW MIKE LEWIS ON WBOC TV REFERENCE THE MEETING FOR THE PUBLIC ON THE OPIOD CRISIS IN THIS AREA. to say he was upset was the least, I can understand how the Sheriff's Office, SPD, and State Police must have felt about this. The problem is this we have heard so much about this covered on WBOC and the local news, we have seen little change not their fault of course. Until parents and families of these individuals become part of the solution it will not change, we have seen this with Cocaine, crack, drinking and everything else and now we have made marijuana more accessible until the laws change and they are seen as criminals instead of pitiful misunderstood teenagers and children, and responsibility comes back to the laws, courts, and officers it is a no win.

This country is falling apart we have allowed every criminal and young thug to make the police officers and courts the problem. We have riots and have ruined Chicago for turning the other cheek so much we have whiplash. We are a society of enablers and now we hate the President of the United States because he is trying to make change and he is a republican. We no longer respect the president if he is not a black democrat. You can Blame Obama and Hillary for this nation now and until you put on your thinking caps and pull together all of us we are doomed. Salisbury will be like Chicago shortly if things don't change. So if you want real change start making arrests stick, clean up the city physically and materially. Quit letting a boy wonder Mayor make our decisions and ruin our city, and his butt kissing snow flake followers. And it goes without saying Julie Brewington should not have a voice anywhere. Take this city back and we will support a different mayor and different city council.


Anonymous said...

Learn some grammar. People will take you more seriously. Wow.

Anonymous said...

First off people have to understand the "recovery" industry. They want people addicted. They want people to relapse. And no matter what they claim they want overdose deaths BECAUSE it is guarantee more government money for them. The Recovery "Industrial Complex" is now a billion dollar business that many rely on for their livelihood and many are getting wealthy off of it.
Secondly to NOT support President Trump is not only allowing but approving of heroin to be flooding the streets. Almost ALL of the heroin in coming over from the UNprotected Southern border. If you do NOT want The Wall then this automatically cancels a voice out who is against the wall. Nothing they say means anything.

Anonymous said...

Look at what the Democrats just did to Kavanaugh. They will go about their business as usual after he is confirmed and look for another victim. They will stop at nothing to regain power. I hope people are smart enough never to vote for a Democrat again. They are dangerous to allow to continue as they are doing. Trump needs to start demanding investigations into their backgrounds.

Anonymous said...

Bullshit!! Until they stop the abundance of drugs flooding the whole country this will never change. Stop trying to pass the blame, law enforcement is failing to stop the flow into the state and city

Anonymous said...

This is a powerful article and I could not agree more. Thanks for printing this. I often feel for the police. They must deal a lot with discouragement. They do their jobs and the work is so often undone when the offender goes to court. And the vicious cycle goes on. I could say a lot more but will stop here.

Anonymous said...

Great thoughts, BUT city and county residents have always talked a good game but NEVER act...Lazy, apathetic, NO Gooders.

Anonymous said...

Oh give me a break.

Please tell me what I am supposed to do to stop my neighbor from drug dealing. Or stop my neighbors from doing drugs? Should I arrest them? Put myself in jeopardy?

Going to the cops is useless and until LAW ENFORCEMENT does something there is NOTHING, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING I can do to change anyone's behaviour.

I am so sick and tired of hearing how its my job. IT'S NOT. Lewis and the rest of the cops get paid to stop the drugs and THEY DO NOTHING.

Several years ago we met with DUNCAN about our gang banging illegally gun toting drug dealing neighbor and ya know what she did. NOTHING. He and his merry gang of crap, trespassed and harassed this neighborhood for years and it wasn't until A DRIVE BY SHOOTING did anything change. HE MOVED. The day after the shooting the cops went door to door to inquire if we were alright or had anything to say.


Mike can take his WHINING and stuff it. DO YOUR JOB

Anonymous said...

9:10 AM Absolutely!! They run commercial after commercial wanting to put you in treatment IF YOU HAVE INSURANCE, because they sure aren't doing it for free!! Just like our big business for profit prison systems!

Anonymous said...

I would like to know exactly what the public is supposed to do about this. Narc on a gangbanging drug dealer and bring violence to your home and family?

People have no idea what these people are capable of doing. Why would I put myself in such jeopardy? They have guns and have no problem whacking off each other.

All you have to do is watch the local youtube videos of their guns, and drugs to know the position you are putting yourself in and you know LE will offer you no protection.

I can't believe Lewis is promoting this as if it's the public's responsibility to solve.