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Thursday, August 23, 2018

MSNBC Host Downplays Mollie Tibbetts, ‘Fox News Talking About A Girl In Iowa’

Left ignores another murder by an illegal alien

Christina Greer apologized for her “flippant” remark Wednesday morning.
MSNBC guest and Fordham University professor Christina Greer dismissed the murder of Mollie Tibbetts, who was allegedly killed by an illegal alien, by referring to her as just “a girl in Iowa.”

Greer was upset Trump and Fox News weren’t covering the Manafort and Cohen trials enough and were instead focusing on Tibbetts’ death and the dangers of illegal immigration.

“Fox news is talking about a girl in Iowa and not this,” Greer complained on Tuesday.

Senator Tom Cotton went to Twitter and wrote, “Mollie would be alive if our government had taken immigration enforcement seriously years ago.”



Anonymous said...

Looks like this thing deleted her twitter! Good!

Anonymous said...

Dave T: Of course, no concern whatsoever for how the Tibbetts family has been separated - permanently! Through death. It takes a cold heart and an evil mind to follow this agenda, and justice will find you beyond what the law will ever provide, and the agony of your remorse will then be useless as karma will teach you what is means to suffer. There is no comparison between separating illegal alien children from parents who deliberately broke the law and brought them here, vs. someone who was murdered in cold blood. Liberals have no conscience unless it's to fit their agenda. We are hitting new lows in this country and the ramifications will be severe.

Anonymous said...