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Thursday, August 23, 2018

Are You Addicted to Your Phone? Signs of Mobile Phone Addiction

Cell phones are even more pernicious than booze, smoking, and drugs because they seem so useful. An article on Be Brain Fit covers the signs of addiction to mobile phones and how to remedy them.

There are many signs that you are getting too attached to your cell phone:

You find yourself always checking it and cannot refrain from using it. Or you lose track of time while using it.
You get angry, anxious, or panicked if you cannot use your phone. You pay more attention to it than to your family or other people. You even prefer to socialize over the phone than in person.
If people bring up your excessive phone use, you feel defensive and guilty. You resort to lying in order to hide it. You even stop paying attention to other parts of your life.
In addition, there are physical signs like eye strain, headaches, insomnia, pain and numbness in your wrist, pain in your back, and shifting weights.

People who are anxious, depressed, socially anxious, stressed, or suffer from ADHD or OCD are vulnerable to cell phone addiction. So are those who feel they have no social support. Teenagers are the most vulnerable.



Anonymous said...

I despise having a mobile phone. When I retire and are no longer required to have one, it will be thrown in the nearest river.

Anonymous said...

I still use a flip phone for emergencies only.