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Thursday, August 23, 2018

ICE Has a History of Arresting and Deporting Nazis in America

Amid a politically-charged debate over its existence, Immigration and Customs Enforcement has removed war criminal Jakiw Palij, marking the 68th deportation of a Nazi from the United States.

On Monday, ICE arrested Palij, 95, a former labor camp guard, enforcing a 2004 court order the same day President Donald Trump praised ICE and Customs and Border Protection officials at a White House ceremony.

Specifically for ICE, created in 2003, this marks at least the fourth Nazi arrest, deporting Nazi concentration camp guards John Demjanjuk and Josias Kumpfin 2009, and soldier John (Ivan) Kalymon in 2011.

“Despite a court ordering his deportation in 2004, past administrations were unsuccessful in removing Palij,” White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said in a statement.



Anonymous said...

To be honest, I would rather have the Nazi's than I would the Mexicans, South Americans, the Muslims and the Obama's.

Think about it, what harm has those Nazi's done in this country since they came here after the War?? NONE! What harm has those mentioned done to this country!! Priorities.

Anonymous said...

It's taking them a long time to get through all of the ones whose first names begin with 'J'. The ones after 'M' probably have nothing to worry about, considering their ages.