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Thursday, August 23, 2018

A Viewer Writes: Mary Beth Carrozza

On Friday night 8/10 I was invited on board for the Somerset Co. Republican cruise. It was a great affair and most of those candidate hopefuls whom are on the Repub. ticket were there. Wolf, local commissioner candidates, Charles Otto, Carl Anderton, and Mary Beth.

I hadn't seen her in Somerset Co. and hoped I'd get to meet her. She's virtually unknown except to a few folks here and after she announced her platform she continued to circulate and finally I got to talk to her. I explained to her the vacuum as far as the electorate in the Somerset and Wicomico counties of her political efforts in so far as name and facial recognition and the fact her campaign was not nearly aggressive enough toward Jim Mathias.

I can assure you his is against her. I got the feeling from conversation emphasis in this area isn't a matter of importance nor Mathias' escapades to date. I felt her regard as far as all the charades Mathias has propagated during his term(s) wasn't a factor in winning the office. Taking into consideration Mathias has done enough to be hung several times over she's complacent to the fact 'not a lot of voters know the whole story and won't' because taking into account her reluctance to be the voice of change and talk about it to her credit, I got the feeling she was offended by me telling her the truth. So be it.

This is fact, Mathias is from Baltimore, and she's from Wash. D.C. area. Neither of which is a plus for those from the Eastern Shore to vote their slate.

Mathias has a huge head start on her and knows all the crooks locally to work for donations. He is owned body and real estate by Mike Miller who has committed $1,000,000 to his war chest for Mathias' vote on domestic issues. And on and on. Carrozza can't seem to understand in the 85 or so days left, waiting to expose these truths isn't the tactic that's going yield votes to overcome him. As a test I polled several of the other attendees and the general consensus
was she will get her ass kicked in grand fashion by Mathias. I agree. She's listening way to much to the collegiate sooth-sayers who act as her campaign co-ordinators who will very handily facilitate the waste of the Republican nomination for this seat. I told her I liked her and wished she'd win but there's no way in Hell that's going to happen. Depending on people to remember dead issues is a joke and to my estimation so is her tactics. If she's not aggressive in her campaign the what can I expect from voting for her? Is this the profile and silhouette of effectiveness the Shore has for four years if she does win?

I feel you may know her better than I but I know people and they're NOT going to vote for her if she's NOT a COUNTER Puncher like Trump.

Please council her as you have others.


Anonymous said...

She supports the "Justice Reinvestment Act", the single biggest piece of garbage legislation to spew out of Annapolis....that tells me all I need to know...

Anonymous said...

I couldn't disagree more with this post. Mary Beth has class and isn't going to get in the mud with Jim. Sadly, Jim has turned into a clown. Everyone I know is voting for Mary Beth. Mary Beth has roots in Ocean City - not D.C. She has worked in D.C., which I regard as a plus - she knows how the system works - federal and state. She is extremely smart and savvy, but more importantly - clear-eyed about what is going on around her.

I feel confident she will have an equally large war chest. Mathias has been targeted by the Republican party - State and Nationally - as a vulnerable seat. He's toast!

Anonymous said...

I don't know where Joe stands now but the last I heard he supporting Mathias.

Anonymous said...

She is not from DC. Do a little research. She is from Ocean City. She went to OC elementary, Berlin Middle and graduated from Stephen Decatur. She has my vote. Anything has to be better than Mathias.

Anonymous said...

Agreed. OC local, smart business women who wont support us on little stuff and then beholden to Mike Miller on the important stuff. Jim is toast!

Anonymous said...

The viewer who posted about Mary Beth has not a clue about her. My take is they where not even on that cruise. Sounds more like a Mathais supporter trying to stir up something as all liberals do. Most people i talk with will be voting for Mary Beth.

Anonymous said...

As a state retiree,I still feel the knife in my back that Mathias and the dems put there when they cut retiree prescription benefits and hid it for 7 years. Posted a question to Carozza on a facebook comment she made I April, her response was she would check I to it and get back to me....still waiting. So I'm gonna pull a hogan and write in my dad's name this elevtion.

Jim said...

She actually knocked on my door the other day here in Parsonsburg. Had a very pleasant conversation with her. She seems very concerned about the issues I brought up. Given the choice between her and Mathias it is a no brainer. Unfortunately I won't be able to vote for her since I will be moving to Hebron. But urge all of you to vote for her if in her district.

Anonymous said...

Democrats want to abolish ICE. They could care less if young American girls are murdered by illegals because they need the voter base and don't want to offend.
Democrats are responsible for all the negative things against President Trump and all of it is lies because all democrats lie constantly.
Democrats want their supporters to harass Republicans and President Trump supporters.
Democrats want sanctuary cities and states including MD.
MD democrat AG is trying to obstruct all the good the President is dong by filing lawsuit after lawsuit which is costing tax payer many many millions which could be used for many other things.
Don't vote democrat.

Anonymous said...

I really wish you would put up the actual vote where Jim Mathias voted in-favor of the residential sprinkler legislation (ref. HB-366)
that I posted in the comments section yesterday.

I know that you are an entrepreneur and this type of behavior goes against your very grain. Remember - it wasn't Joe Albero that voted for this - but it was Jim Mathias himself.

Anonymous said...

Have been to several educational events where Jim and Mary Beth were both listed to attend. He was a no-call, no-show foe both. She made time for both events, and was informed and engaged while staying for the duration.

Lberal Baltimore Jim is a hand puppet for the Democrat legislative leadership. He's gotta go!

Mary Beth all the way!

Anonymous said...

Plus both her and Carl Anderton voted for the gun ban bill this year. You should have talked to them about that on the cruise.

Unknown said...

Who are the "BAD GUYS" and who are "US" mentioned by someone in your campaign advertisement. Sounds divisive and separatist to me. Are those who would disagree with you BAD GUYS and not US? Terrible commercial. For that will not vote for you.

Anonymous said...

The important thing to consider is what has Mathias done for the Easterm Shore?