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Thursday, August 23, 2018

79-Year-Old Homeowner Greets Alleged Intruder with Shotgun Blast to Both Legs

A 79-year-old homeowner in Benzie County, Michigan, greeted an alleged intruder with a shotgun blast to both legs.

Up North Live reports the homeowner heard strange noises in his barn just before 11:30 pm Tuesday night. He armed himself and went to investigate.

Once inside the barn, he confronted an alleged intruder, ordering him off his property. At that point, the homeowner said the suspect allegedly came at him in a “threatening manner,” so he fired the shotgun, hitting the suspect in both legs.

The Record-Eagle reports that Benzie County Sheriff’s deputies arrived and had the 37-year-old suspect transported to Munson Medical Center: “Benzie County Sheriff Ted Schendel said [the suspect] was hit with birdshot.”



Anonymous said...

Dead men tell no tales. Probably had his lawyer at the hospital.

Anonymous said...

How about the old guy who put 2 12 guage shredder shells into an intruder.

Anonymous said...

Open season when they are on private property, lock and load America, its you or them. I know which side of the gun I’ll be on.