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Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Ohio GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Pledges State Will Buy Safety Vests for All Officers

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine (R.) has pledged that if he is elected governor, the state will buy safety vests for all law enforcement officers in Ohio.

DeWine said in a Monday press release he would have the Bureau of Workers Compensation purchase the vests, given a function of the agency is workplace safety.

"Workplace safety is part of the mission of our workers compensation system," DeWine said. "We owe to our first responders to do all we can to see that they have the best possible protection when facing the dangers that come with the job of keeping Ohio communities safe."

In many cash-strapped jurisdictions, safety vests are not regularly issued or are used beyond their recommended life cycle, as the materials in the vests degrade over time. To equip all officers with vests, it would cost Ohio an estimated $5.75 million.



Anonymous said...

Wow, a safety vest! That's almost as good as a retirement plan that won't go bust like all the rest of them are!
At least we get to keep the vest!

Anonymous said...

Where's OSHA?

lmclain said...

Ohio is stone cold broke.

Now they want to write someone a CHECK for almost 6 million dollars?

Start hanging ALL politicians.
Each and every one, even YOUR GUY.
Was it YOU who put us in 21 TRILLION (say that again slowly to yourself) in debt?
Was it YOU who promised 200 TRILLION in pensions and benefits that NO ONE can pay??
Nope, you merely cheered the ones who did it.
Just as bad.