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Wednesday, July 25, 2018

‘Worst Boss I Ever Had Taught Lessons I’ll Never Forget’

If you’re taking pity on yourself because you think you’re saddled with the world’s worst boss, consider the story of a woman in the New York City area whose encounter with a less-than-perfect manager stayed with her for years after it occurred.

Monica Jones (not her real name), who was in her late 20s at that time, recalled how a supervisor she reported to for a period of time was especially hard on her — and had strange ways of showing it.

“I wrote an important process memo at this manager’s request. I worked incredibly hard on it for more than a week — between my other assignments. I made sure all critical points were included and went out of my way to solicit input” from senior members of her team, she said, who had more experience than she did on certain functions of the department.

Jones spent hours refining her memo, since she knew it would be part of a training manual for other staff members. “I wanted it to be as clear and instructive as possible, and I felt she’d asked me to do this for a reason — so I wanted to deliver on it.”

After she turned it in, the strangest thing happened. She was met with deafening silence...

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Anonymous said...

I had one say to me "That's not my problem!" when I indicated that she was not providing me with the resources necessary to accomplish a task she assigned to me! Needless to say, I did not work for her much longer!

The difference between management and leadership!

Anonymous said...

had worse bosses then that. thanked them all for being such sh!theads as it forced me to develop my knowledge and skill set and push myself where I have way surpassed them!

Anonymous said...

This article must be a joke because this is nothing compared to some of the crap I have been subjected to. Being asked to rip off vendors, customers and employees. Falsifying documents. Lying on tax returns. One guy actually forged an employees signature on a reprimand that never happened.