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Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Trump, Churchill’s Chair, and Barack Obama

Recently, on Donald Trump’s “working visit” to the UK, environmentalist royal princes Charles and William refused to meet the President. Based on their boorish behavior, the population control liberals may be emulating Barack Obama, who exhibited hostility toward world leaders when he refused to attend Bibi Netanyahu’s address to a joint session of Congress.

Despite Charles, William, and newlywed Harry’s absence, Mr. and Mrs. Trump arrived at Windsor Castle where they were greeted by the 92-year-old Queen who didn’t invite them to a sleepover like she did the Obamas, but did serve tea.

After the visit, no one reported whether or not Melania “charmed” the aging monarch by trapping her in a Michelle Obama-style death grip. However, the press did allege that in place of DVDs and recordings of Trump rallies, the first couple broke with Southside of Chicago protocol and showed up instead with a historical artifact as a gift.



Anonymous said...

He can do nothing which will please the press.

Anonymous said...

Very poorly written. The press wanted to say so many negative things, and could not get it all out in words, they screwed the article up so bad, it does not even make cense.

Anonymous said...

Stuffy bunch across the pond aren't they?

Anonymous said...

British Royals - meh . . .

Anonymous said...

It makes very little Cents.
It does however, make a lot of Dollars.

lmclain said...

Who really cares what the British think anyway?
ESPECIALLY those inbred, welfare sucking "royals".

They've been neutered by their own leaders without much of a whimper.

They better start learning a foreign language now.

It won't help much, except maybe give them a heads up when the foreigners yell "kill that white MF'r!!".