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Wednesday, July 25, 2018


“Large cities will be the battlefields”

A Belgian politician says civil war in Europe is “closer than we think” as a result of authorities losing control of entire areas of cities now dominated by Islamic gangs.

According to Filip Dewinter, one of the leading members of the right-wing Vlaams Belang party, recent attacks on police are meant to undermine the government, while attacks on shops, bars and cafés are supposed to represent attacks on white culture.

“I think the tensions will only increase,” Dewinter told Belgian news outletSceptr. “What we see is a sort of ethnic underside of society, people who aren’t raised well and who know nothing else other than rioting, violence and vandalism.”

“We have reached a pre-revolutionary condition in which people separate themselves from society into gangs motivated by radical Islam,” he added.

“This form of violence can lead to a civil war if governments lose control and white people revolt,” said the politician, warning that, “Complete neighborhoods are already beyond control of the government and the police because Islamic cultural structures have overtaken them.”

“This situation is closer than we think, it could erupt really quickly and large cities will be the battlefields,” concluded Dewinter.

Dewinter posted a video of a white man being viciously beaten by a gang of migrant-background males after France’s World Cup win as an illustration of the “lynching, violence and vandalism” he sees becoming more common. The gang also targeted a bar.



Anonymous said...

What did you expect? Maybe it was on purpose. Remember who is in charge of these policies! who supports them!
They are working together! islam is just the weapon they need to put western civilization over the edge.
Islam, as a religious system, is entirely of Satanic origin. The Devil is behind every aspect of it. It is a "monotheistic" form of the ancient moon worship that Abraham left in Iraq 2000 BC, but which his descendents through Ishmael have continued. When Muslims circle the Kabah en mass, the Devil is the true object of their worship. The Bible teaches that the Devil and demons use religions like Islam in order to be worshipped by man as God. "the Gentiles sacrifice things to demons and not to God" 1 Cor 10:20; 2 Chron 18:21-22; Acts 17:16-23; Lev 17:7 ; Deut 32:17; Ps 106:37; Rev 9:20; Rev 16:13-14; Rev 18:2; 1 Ti 4:1-2; Gal 1:8. That Islam is clearly of satanic origin is seen in how vicious the theological and physical attacks are against Christians or anyone who believes that Christ was crucified at all, or that Christ is God's Son. Islam to pagan Arabs is an excellent satanic counterfeit that has influenced 1/4 of the earth's population. Islam is certainly the Devil's greatest challenge against the one true God and and Savior.

Anonymous said...

I have been saying this for years it's coming 2020.

Anonymous said...

It's gonna happen here too and when it does maybe just maybe the Dumbocrats will see the error of their ways.

Anonymous said...

Here's hoping that the leaders who facilitated the islamic takeover of Europe suffer the same fate as Mussolini. They are traitors and should be strung up.

Anonymous said...

I believe he is right on the money. It's just a matter of time for them and us.

Both of our problems are the Progressive pu$$ies like those running the Lower Progressive Caucus(LMFAO). What a bunch of social justice warrior misfits.


Jared Schablein
Jake Burdett
Jamaad Gould
James Yamakawa
Michele Gregory
Seamus Benn
Michael Feldman
Bill McCain
Josh Hastings
John Wright
Ron Pagano

These idiots are ruining our Democrat Party.

Bo McCallister are you one of them?

Anonymous said...

And this time, I hope that we do not go to rescue them.

Anonymous said...

Proof that a knowledge of history does not keep us from repeating it.The Crusades are returning.

lmclain said...

Most of Europe is powerless.
What are they going to do against the muslim hordes of rapists, killers, and misogynist losers purposely invading their lands?
Write a mean letter to the editor?
Make some signs up for a street protest?
ASK their "leaders" to help???


That's why America won't have this problem. 500 million guns and 80 million people ready to use them.
Just get out of the way and stay low.
We can handle the problem.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Snowflakes will be throwing there pink pussy hats at us.LOL

lmclain said...

Will we get to yell "Pull!" when they throw the hats or just open up at our pleasure?