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Thursday, May 10, 2018

Strange Things Are Afoot: Bill And Ted Set To Return As Dad Rockers

After 27 years, Bill and Ted are on their way back to close the time loop in a new film,Bill and Ted Face the Music.

In it, according to the synopsis, Bill and Ted "find themselves as middle-aged dads still trying to crank out a hit song and fulfill their destiny." If your memory is as hazy as Jeff Spicoli's, you'd be forgiven for not recalling that, through Excellent Adventure and up until the tail-end of the franchise's second film Bogus Journey, Bill and Ted were decidedly heinous at creating music, despite the fate of the Earth depending on them, like, not being. Old habits die, it seems evident, with much difficulty.

"We have been working ten years to get this done in the right way," co-creator and co-writer Ed Solomon wrote on Twitter. In an interview last month, Keanu Reeves (Ted) said the film was first pitched to him and co-star Alex Winter (Bill) in 2007 and is now, while still in pre-production, currently being shopped at Cannes.



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Totally Totally!

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I'm there dude.Batch,Beethoven and Mr "The Kid" here I come.I can't wait.