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Thursday, May 10, 2018

North Carolina Mayor Arrested On DWI, Gun Charges Hours After Winning Election

Robert Williams Jr.’s celebration was cut short Tuesday night when he was arrested and sent to jail just hours after being elected mayor of Sharpsburg, N.C. Tuesday night.

Police pulled over Williams when they received a tip and saw his vehicle run off the road after he reportedly refused to stop for the police sirens. When police approached the vehicle, they discovered Williams was allegedly intoxicated and resisting arrest, Fox News reported.

Police also found a firearm in the car and charged him with possession of a firearm after consuming alcohol and possession of a firearm on government property, according to WNCN.



Anonymous said...

Reminds me of a couple of past council members in OC.

(snicker snicker)

Anonymous said...

I hope it is that towns shortest mayoral term.

Anonymous said...

I just searched a half dozen reports trying to find out his political affiliation - CRICKETS! I'll take that as he is in the Party of Liberal Jim.

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of at least one former mayor in Salisbury.

Anonymous said...

After all the trouble they went to to get him elected. He originally lost the election but filed in December for a recount because he lost by only 3 votes and claims people were turned away from voting because of their color. Six months later they give him the win and this idiot blows a .13 on the breathalyzer. What an idiot. They are already saying it was a set up because of his color. NO ONE told him to get behind the wheel drunk no matter what color he is.

Anonymous said...

Bad luck.
If he did this in Washington D.C. they would be planning to put a statue up for him.