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Thursday, May 10, 2018

Housing Developer Warns: Tenants with Firearms Will Be Evicted

A housing developer with multiple properties in New Jersey is warning that tenants who possess, store, or carry firearms on their developments will face a “notice to vacate.”

The developer, RPM Development Group, issued a notice of the policy to all residents and that notice was acquired and published by the New Jersey Second Amendment Society.

Breitbart News spoke with RPM General Counsel David Steinberg, who confirmed that the policy says, “No one will be permitted to store, or carry a gun or rifle, or any other type of firearm of any kind in the building, or on the grounds.”

The notice goes on to say, “If it is discovered that you do have a firearm of any kind on this property, you will received a Notice to Cease, followed by a Notice to Vacate.”



Anonymous said...

I'll find another place to live !..Thank you very much !!

Anonymous said...

now robber's know just where to focus on.

Anonymous said...

That means the tenants can sue the developer if they get robbed or assalted and couldn’t defend themselves. I’m sure the developers are liberal scumbags that think criminals obey laws.

Anonymous said...

Lol FOOD LUCK enforcing that lol are we in Russia.?

Anonymous said...

A class action suit should straighten that right out.

Anonymous said...

Salisbury's Slumlords,

Are you listening?

Anonymous said...

What part of CONSTITUTIONAL PROTECTION does this idiot not get?

Anonymous said...

So, could this same developer say that tenants who aren't white are not permitted?

You can't pick and choose what parts of the constitution you like.

Anonymous said...

While well intentioned, it sets their tenants and their developments up as sitting ducks for the professional and amateur criminals. Innocent people will get hurt.