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Saturday, January 27, 2018

Vermont High School to fly Black Lives Matter Flag

A Vermont high school has announced that it will fly the Black Lives Matter (BLM) flag during Black History Month, though many feel it is a domestic terror outfit.

Administrators at Montpelier High School in Montpelier, Vermont, bowed to demands by a student group called the Racial Justice Alliance to hoist the BLM flag outside the school during the month-long recognition of the contributions of African Americans to our nation’s history, the Burlington Free Press reported.

“Vermont has a long history of being at the forefront of civil rights movements,” school administrators said in a public statement. “Our state was the first to abolish slavery in its constitution and the first to enroll and graduate a black student, who subsequently served in the state legislature. The School Board’s decision to fly a Black Lives Matter flag builds on that legacy.”

The student group demanded that the school launch a program to discuss “the need for racial justice.” Students also praised the school for changing curriculum and re-training teachers for a social justice agenda.



Anonymous said...

... in recognition of the contributions of African Americans to our nation’s history.
Name a contribution of BLM, because I'm coming up short.

Anonymous said...

What is the black population in Montpelier, Vermont? 2 ? 10 ? 25 ? I love how people, who life in areas where there's no black crime, preach liberal morals on the rest of us.
I'm going to guess it's less than 1%. So, this is obviously a liberal publicity stunt.

Anonymous said...

BLM isn't about African Americans, it is a radical Lesbian outfit. The name is a smoke screen.

Anonymous said...

Riots, violence, destroyed property,assault,public nuisance etc?! Several contributions to destroy a country so maybe that's why.

Anon fawkes said...

I can't believe this not only was considered but its going to be allowed! This nation is doing all it can to allow us to destroy ourselves. Allowing all these many many ways reverse racism is being used to uproar the community and bring tension between the real power of possiablechange in this country , THE PEOPLE , and we not only allow it but feed into it ! The "racist" flag of the civil war and so many other pieces of history taken down,desecrated, and destroyed by the same people about to fly this flag at the place of education! AMAZING !!!!!

Anonymous said...

Another shining example of idiots in leadership roles.

Anonymous said...

5:43 you mean mentally ill democrat liberals.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully, somebody with some common sense up there will pull it down. I'm not very hopeful is after all liberal Vermont.