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Saturday, January 27, 2018

Salisbury University, UMES form new academic partnership

PRINCESS ANNE, Md. –– The University of Maryland Eastern Shore and Salisbury University have forged a new academic partnership capable of producing pharmacists in six years.

The agreement creating a “cooperative undergraduate/professional program” will streamline instruction by as many as two years and subsequently save students the comparable cost of extra tuition.

“We are excited about our partnership with Salisbury University and look forward to working with them to fully implement this agreement,” said Dr. Rondall E. Allen, dean of the UMES School of Pharmacy and Health Professions.

Chemistry majors at Salisbury University who meet the requirements and have strong academic credentials may gain preferential admission to UMES’ professional degree program after just three years of undergraduate study.

UMES’s pharmacy program, one of 15 in the nation that offers year-round instruction, enables students to earn a doctorate in three years instead of the traditional four.



Anonymous said...

Stupid is as stupid does.

Anonymous said...

Mark my word – these two schools will be merged in five years. Sadly, Salisbury will never be able to overcome the corruption and incompetence of UMES, and both schools will fail spectacularly.

Anonymous said...

So Dumb and Dumber have teamed up.....simply amazing!

I bet a movie could be made...called..."Dumb and Dumber", yeah!!
(snicker snicker)

Anonymous said...

UMES continues to ride the coattails of effective educational institutions.

Anonymous said...

I hired a UMES graduate in 2003 , what a mistake , dumb as a brick , couldn't spell , couldn't talk right , couldn't add or subtract but could rap very well . I fired this idiot within 2 days.

Anonymous said...

Don't they call it dumbing down?

Anonymous said...

Dr of pharmacy? Worthless degree. It's not like you need to pass any tests like a real doctor or anything.