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Saturday, January 27, 2018

Build the wall and make drug traffickers pay for it

Immigration was a defining issue of the 2016 election. President Trump ran on building a border wall, enforcing the law and making our immigration policy protect American families and benefit American workers, instead of endangering and undermining them.

President Trump’s position is very reasonable – so it’s puzzling that Washington Democrats have so far refused this deal. After all, they supported many of these same measures just a few years ago.

In 2013, 54 Senate Democrats – including Chuck Schumer of New York and Dick Durbin of Illinois – voted to build a wall on our southern border, end the diversity visa lottery, double the number of border agents, and move toward a merit-based immigration system.

If Democrats take the deal, the DACA recipients they say they care about would be protected. A secure southern border would help cut the flow of illegal drugs into our communities and reduce human trafficking.

We can achieve this agreement if we put political theatrics aside.

Here’s one potential solution we could consider:


Anonymous said...

Do some research. Majority of the drugs enter through ports of entry. We need more staff, better trained staff. Not some wall. We're surrounded by water and they be already proven to be more than capable of digging extensive tunnel systems

Anonymous said...

México is going to pay for it.