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Saturday, January 27, 2018

County rejects raises for lower paid workers

Worcester has experienced nearly 20 percent drop in staff over last 18 months

In the last 18 months, Worcester County government has lost about 20 percent of its workforce for a variety of reasons, but also has had trouble filling a number of long-term vacancies, according to a report by Human Resources Director Stacey Norton.

Norton delivered her report as part of a special work session on county salaries following the commissioners’ regular meeting on Tuesday.

County Administrator Harold Higgins said the county staff’s budget priority for this year was salaries above all other concerns, while also remaining realistic about funding opportunities to pay for any increases.

Higgins said he knew it was an election year and there would be no tax increases to help offset any requested expenditure increases from county departments. During the budget process, expenditure requests frequently outpace the county’s ability to pay for them, requiring the commissioners to make cuts.

However, the hiring problems are so dire they required Norton to make a mid-year salary increase request to help fill the ranks. The proposal prepared by Norton targeted the lowest-paid employees first, and wouldn’t require any new spending from the commissioners.

“After conferring with Budget Officer Kathy Whited, we have determined that these reclassifications can be funded in our current budget due to savings from current employee retirements and vacant positions,” Norton wrote in her proposal.

The total cost to implement this part of the plan is about $291,000.



Anonymous said...

If you had any doubt that this idiot didn't give a rats behind about you here are his words to prove it..

"Commissioner Jim Bunting was the harshest critic of the idea, and said he was not comfortable spending $290,000 so close to the beginning of the budget process, when that money might be more useful elsewhere."

Better spent elsewhere?? I guess paying his employees a livable wage isn't
as important to him as his BS pet projects are?! After that statement he really is about to find out how you do get what you pay for - because if I worked for this idiot I would do the least possible after this.

Anonymous said...

yea and funny how this guy had to leave right before the vote -

"Commissioner Vice President Ted Elder was present for much of the discussion, but had to leave before the motion to proceed with the plan was made by Church and seconded by Mitrecic."

Timing is everything, eh Ted?

Anonymous said...

One of the best counties in Maryland to work for. Has some of the HIGHEST salaries, and the best benefit packages is the state. No one "quitting" in droves. It's attrition from people retiring (rather than keep working) to take advantage of the generous pension (yes pension, not 401K) benefits for retiring earlier than the rest of us. Screw their raises, Worcester county residents have to pay them for a lifetime, not just for their working hours.

Anonymous said...

See if they can use the Volunteers at Stalag 13....all they are doing is planning a nasty BBQ or a bingo game! LOL