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Thursday, January 18, 2018

Breaking News: Amazon named 20 finalists in the fierce contest for its second headquarters. The cities include existing tech hubs, and a few surprises.

Amazon said on Thursday that it had whittled the list of possible homes for its second headquarters down to 20, including centers of technology like Boston as well as some surprise locations like Columbus, Ohio.

The company, based in Seattle, selected the finalists out of a pile of more than 238 applications submitted by local officials in Mexico, Canada and the United States — all of them eager to attract the 50,000 high-paying jobs the company says it could bring. When the unusual public contest was announced in September, it set off a public charm offensive by the applicants, with many local officials trying to entice Amazon with tax breaks and other benefits.


Anonymous said...

how did montgomery county make the list?

Jim said...

One thing that a lot of these cities have in common is a large population of 'immigrants'.

Columbus (the surprise city) has 48,000 somalis.

If the experience with amazon hubs in the UK reveals anything, it is that they will fill these places with low-wage labor and work them to death.

Anonymous said...

Monkey County - big money!!! Road/interstate access to north/south/west of the country; Road access (ICC to I95) to BWI?

Unless the $$$ is too much to pass up, prob won't happen!

Anonymous said...

This is a Headquarters not a fulfillment/packing warehouse. The average salary is $100,000. Doubtful that they will be hiring a large number of Somalis or other immigrants unless they are from India with advanced degrees.