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Saturday, February 04, 2017

OCPD K-9 Unit Adds New Team and Trainer


OCEAN CITY, MD – : The Ocean City Police Department (OCPD) K-9 Unit recently welcomed a new team to the unit and will begin advanced monthly training under the supervision of a veteran unit member who recently completed a rigorous 12-week trainer course.
Pfc. Kevin Flower, Pfc. Danielle Braniff, and Klem
 Pfc. Danielle Braniff and her K-9 partner, Klem, recently joined the K-9 Unit and are now certified by the North American Police Work Dog Association (NAPWDA) as a patrol and drug detection police K-9 team. The two graduated from a six-week training program at Shallow Creek Kennels where they trained in patrol techniques, article and area searches and drug detection. Klem, a 2-year-old Belgian Malinois, originally came to the United States from the Netherlands where he received his initial training. The two join a group of four additional K-9 patrol teams, which are an integral part of the OCPD.

In addition, Pfc. Kevin Flower, a 12-year member of the K-9 Unit, recently graduated from a 12-week training program to learn how to train new K-9 handlers and their dogs. For the initial six weeks of his training, Pfc. Flower assisted in the training of 24 patrol and narcotic detection K-9’s, including Klem. During the last six weeks, Pfc. Flower assisted in training new K-9 handlers, including Pfc. Braniff and other prospective K-9 handlers from across the region. The first six weeks of training the K-9’s were incredibly physically demanding while the second six weeks were more mentally demanding as he instructed the students in how to handle the K-9’s. Pfc. Flower will now be responsible for training the OCPD K-9 Unit, a task formerly done by an outside vendor.

“This unit has played a vital role in the OCPD for decades,” commented Chief Ross Buzzuro. “I have no doubt that Pfc. Braniff and Klem will make an excellent addition to the K-9 Unit and we are very excited that Pfc. Flower will now be taking over the training for the unit.


Anonymous said...

OCPD should start a GO FUND ME account to get a vest for Klem.

Anonymous said...

OC has plenty of tax money to buy a vest for the dog. He will bring in plenty of money in fines and court costs by "alerting" ever time he is supposed to.

Anonymous said...

with the increased parking fees the dog will have full body armor plus his own condo on the beach