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Saturday, February 04, 2017


Strange Occurrences

How many of us have experienced things we cannot explain? I have never been taken in by “ghost stories” and other things that the paranormal experts try to pass off as other worldly.

This leads me to tell you about three instances that happened to me that defy explanation.

The first was after my father died in November, 1978. He usually lettered anything he wrote. He always corrected me when I said he printed. He told me that printers print, he lettered. Anyway, my sister always wrote long hand and extremely backhand. But that Christmas, when I received a card from her, the address was lettered and looked just like what my father would have written. I actually went weak in the knees. My sister insisted she had always written that way, but I know differently.

The second was the discovery of my fathers I.D. badge from Precision Development Company, which was Martin & Schwartz before World War II.

After my father died and my mother was getting up in years, she only put out a ceramic Christmas tree during the holidays. She kept it in the bottom of a closet in my father’s old bedroom. No one had been in there for many years and the only thing left on his bureau was a statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The strange occurrence happened when I set part of the Christmas tree on the bed to make sure I had room to return it to the closet. As I knelt down with the tree, I happened to look up and the I.D. badge was leaning against the front of the statue. Mom said she didn’t recall seeing the badge before that day and didn’t know where it came from. The badge is pictured above.

The third occurrence involved a large box of my toys from childhood. Mom said she didn’t know where it was and I let it go at that for a time. Then, one day, I happened to look in her garage and glanced up. There was a room above, but access to it was difficult. There was an opening that could only be accessed with a ladder. I know I had looked that room over before and there was nothing up there. However, on this day, I looked up and saw the corner of a box. I quickly got the ladder and retrieved the box. It contained all the toys I had been looking for. I have no idea where it had been before I found it that day.

Perhaps you have had a similar experience. Some things cannot be explained; so don’t try to look beyond the present and things you can do nothing about.


Anonymous said...

I never though much about ghosts or after life but we bought a house here in Salisbury years back and quickly changed are minds after countless incidents that defied explanation.

Anonymous said...

I believe

Anonymous said...

The photo on the badge show a very handsome gentleman. You should be proud to have such a father, as I'm sure you are.

Anonymous said...

George, those three events would "freak me out!" There has to be some logical explanation. At any rate, a most fascinating post you have today. I enjoy all your posts.

Anonymous said...

well i'll be, we called him dad too.

Anonymous said...

We bought a house on the East side of town years ago that the previous owner died in and it was evident almost right away that he was still there. Even though I never knew who the man was he appeared in front of me very quickly and disappeared just as fast making me question myself, a few month's later he appeared in front of me and another family member. When I described his appearance to a neighbor he said that's what the man looked like exactly. Many things happened over the years we lived there and we eventually moved away but I often wonder if he's still there.