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Saturday, February 04, 2017

Tom Brady Is Told To DENOUNCE Friendship With Trump, Another NFL Legend Says ‘HELL NO’!

Patriots Quarterback Tom Brady is being harassed by the media to explain his relationship with President Donald Trump. They are undoubtedly looking to spark a firestorm and are only in it for clicks.

Fortunately, not everyone thinks Trump is the worst thing on the planet. Former Chicago Bears coach Mike Ditka had Brady’s back, as well as Trump’s.



Anonymous said...

The leftwing Democrats force politics into every facet of our lives pushing their murky agenda I for one am sick of it but they could never do it without a complicit media.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh the oh so tolerant left being so so intolerant! When will they get it that the average person just doesn't care what they have to say. Legends in their own minds ! Mr Brady has the right to support whatever candidate he wants! I wish him well!

Anonymous said...

Any person, with still- working neurons, should see this as the epitome of overreaching media propaganda. First, how did we find out about it? The MSM. Who's making it a front and center issue? The MSM. Who cares? No one. But they keep pushing the narrative as if it's a horrible atrocity that Brady, Kraft and Bellichec are friends with Trump. This attack on republicans and our president is over the top. We need to start fighting back with both barrels.

Anonymous said...

The Falcon Q back was just on slamming Trump.This should be interesting.

Anonymous said...

As for as I think this is their personal issue. Having friendship with anyone in this world is not prohibited yet. So think positive and be positive.

Tom Brady and Trump