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Saturday, February 04, 2017

Father Figure


World Grease said...

This sounds about right. I'm happy about the changes! I'm so glad I voted for him and I still think he's doing a grat job. I hate the daily polls trying to convince the public that nobody approves of him. My entire family approves and we stand by him. So much of these issues are just common sense decisions and aren't worth getting upset over. Christian Americans and Non-Christian Americans are not welcome in any muslim nation nor Mexico for that matter. They won't allow us to go there and receive social security without having ever worked for it or give us food stamps and healthcare for just going there. How can these people expect the US to just give them all handouts? It's our nation does what I have to do when my neighbor kids stay here three nights in a row without even checking in with their parents, send them back home. I have a wife and 4 children as it is. I'm not running a charity here. Our nation shouldn't be either. Our nantion is a business and it's time that it is run as a business by a great businessman. Go, Trump! Keep up the good work Dad!

Steve said...

Thanks, WG! I agree fully!