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Saturday, February 04, 2017

US Factory Orders Are Unchanged In 11 Years

Absent the various seasonal and other) adjustments, non-adjusted (so actual) US Factory Orders in December were almost exactly the same as they were in March 2006 - unchanged in 11 years.

YoY, adjusted factory orders rose 3.6%, the best since July 2014. However, absent the adjustments, real orders continue to paint a very different picture.


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Anonymous said...

Me thinks that's about to change. Over the years, our country, our state and our towns have become service oriented, as our factories have disappeared. A country cannot grow unless it sells something to another. Trade is crucial to economic growth. Our past presidents obviously didn't understand this basic principle. And if taxes and labor costs are too high, companies will move. Trump is trying to help level the playing field on he tax part.