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Saturday, February 04, 2017

Ronald Reagan Showed the Right Way to Deal with Rioting Liberals at Berkeley


Anonymous said...

Also loved Pres. Reagan's response to a heckler when he said oh shut up. 1980 I think

Anonymous said...

Reagan was governor of CA then. Brown doesn't have the balls nor the desire to tackle the rioting problem. If anything he supports it!

That being said, Reagan did recreate same action with Air Traffic Controllers' strike years later by firing them all! Incidentally we didn't have any airplane crashes after he terminated them.

Anonymous said...

The government really needs to go after these paid terrorists unmask them put their names and faces on TV and prosecute them.

Anonymous said...

Good for Reagan.

I would love for President Trump to have those idiot Judges locked up as Traitors. Reagan had Balls!! Let's see how many Trump has.