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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Yale Causes Controversy By Removing Portraits of White People

Stephen Davis is the head of Yale University’s residential colleges – Pierson College. Yale caused a massive controversy by taking down the portraits of white men who have served as head of a residential college ahead of a Halloween party. Something about a bid for diversity. Looks like Yale is now the go-to Ivy League school for social justice warriors. Davis is claiming that an email he sent to students last week has been “misrepresented” as saying the white men’s portraits would not be put back up in the dining hall. He says they will be. Frankly, they should never have been taken down in the first place. Just sayin’.

Yale has been going down the social justice rabbit hole for some time now. In a Nov. 1st email to students, Davis wrote that the portraits, which were initially removed to make space for the college’s annual Halloween dance, would not immediately be put back up as customary. “In the context of campus-wide conversations about diversity and inclusion in public art and representation,” Davis wrote, “… we’ve decided to leave the walls empty for the time being, in the hope that the blank walls will begin to prompt conversation on what it means to create common spaces where everyone has a sense of belonging and ownership.” Then after that blew up, he hotly contended he was misconstrued. Dude, we get it… you are a politically correct, race baiting moron.



Anonymous said...

The Civil War is looming. I wouldn't want to be one of those Wing Nut Libtards like these.

Anonymous said...

So wealthy white graduates can stop giving the large donations to this school and let the P.O.C. pick up the difference.

Anonymous said...

Typical liberal college trying to be more politically correct. And this is an ivy league college. This is racism at it's best. No wonder we have so much divisiveness in our world today.

Phronesis said...

Better to put them in storage with a coddling statement like this than being victim to the idiot radical who squirts lighter fluid on the portraits and sets them ablaze in the name of diversity... or something.

Anonymous said...

After all, wasn't Yale founded by people of color from all corners of the World, not just white European stock?

Anonymous said...


It was a joke, right?