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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Let Children Experiment with Gender Identity, Church of England Tells Schools

The Church of England has said schools should encourage young children to experiment with their “gender identity”, in its new guidance on bullying.

“Pupils need to be able to play with the many cloaks of identity (sometimes quite literally with the dressing-up box),” reads the latest church advice on homophobic bullying, which has been updated to warn of the perils of “transphobic” and “biphobic” harassment — using “HBT” as a shorthand.

4,700 schools, which serve more than a million pupils in total, were told by the Church of England Education Office to allow young children to experiment with their gender identity, in advice which said that primary school and nursery school children, in particular, must be a period of “creative exploration”.

“Children should be at liberty to explore the possibilities of who they might be without judgment or derision. For example, a child may choose the tutu, princess’s tiara and heels and/or the fireman’s helmet, tool belt and superhero cloak without expectation or comment”, it reads.



Anonymous said...

Believe we left England years ago for simple reason!

Anonymous said...

I left the Episcopal Church (American Church of England) in 2002 to join a Christian congregation.

Anonymous said...


How 'bout we let children "expolore" other possibilities without judgement also?

Such as, hygiene. Some children may not want to wash their hands before a meal -- or after using the toilet. For that matter, some children might not choose to use the toilet, but prefer to "do their business" on the living room or kitchen floor. They should be free to choose without judgement or comment.

Ditto, schooling. Some children may prefer to explore the internet, video games, or just vegging out as a means of "learning". They should be free to do so without judgement.

Medical care. Many children, if given the free choice, without judgement to which the are entitled, will choose not to have shots or other painful or intrusive medical care. Let 'em.

Hygiene, schooling, and vaccinations are man-made constructs. Sex is not.

If children are encouraged to "explore" and "experiment" about which sex they are -- something every cell in their body (except, for males, some of their sperm cells) proclaims -- then they should also be encouraged to "explore" and "experiment" about any and everything. We can have the first generation of humans to be given no guidance whatsoever from their elders.

Anonymous said...

England is the same country that has been taken over by Muslims.

Anonymous said...

Is that the Church of England's answer to population control? If they can impress on impressionable children to be gay, then maybe someday they'll all be gay. Takes care of the overpopulation problem.

Anonymous said...

Where is the big push to rob people of their individual identities coming from ?

Anonymous said...

Another church with satanic idealogy, Masquerading as Christian

Anonymous said... guess and its not the son of God!
He rode a tank, held a generals rank, as the blitzkrieg raged, and the bodies stank. He is pleased to meet you! hope you guessed his name! What is puzzling you is the nature of his game?